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DIM 150

897.50 PHP 

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DIM 150 is a natural hormone balancing supplement for both men and women. The goal is a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone.

Whole Family Products Dim 150 Benefits:

  • DIM for Acne Treatment
  • Boosts Weight Loss Results
  • Effective for Estrogen Dominance
  • Improves Mood and Mind
  • May Help in with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • And potent for Stopping Hair Loss
  • Caused by Hormonal Imbalance
DIM150 Product Label

Whole Family Products have the highest praise of all. Our products are also sold in doctors’ offices in many parts of the world. This guarantees our products’ safety and proper handling.

If, for whatever reason you intend to return your purchase, we wish to inform you that we do not accept returns except for proof of damage in transit. For related concerns, please contact us using our contact form. Please do your due diligence and read our blog and our labels. All information is transparent about our products so that you can make a truly informed decision.

Customer Reviews

Order was packed, sent and delivered very well. Satisfied with the order. I just hope it works well. Thank you………
Shopee Review

No defects of order upon receipt Legit item Did not feel any adverse reaction

Shopee Review by Den_Ram

Satisfied with the order. It was packed, sent and delivered very well.. Haven’t tried it yet. Hope it’s better than the previous brand that I was taking.

Shopee Review

Nicely sealed, packed and safely delivered. I watched the video and hopefully it will help with my hormonal acne.

Shopee Review

Thank you! I hope mging effective siya saken btw nice packaging.

Shopee Review

Will try this product as recommended by my friend who has PCOS like me. Since nagstart siya take nung January, naging regular na monthly period niya and now she is 5weeks pregnant after 2years of trying. Hope it will work for me too. I will give feedback after a month 🙏

Shopee Review

Got it earlier than expected. Expiration date is 2023. Sealed. Sana maging effective sa akin .thank you

Shopee Review by b14p7sctnp

Thank you so much po. The DIM that is DFA approved. Finally switched tothis product and the shop and seller is really accommodating . Tillnext order 😍

Shopee Review by eeyo21

Legit!!?ty shopee n seller at sa kind na rider
Shopee Review by michiko25lei

First time akong gumamit sana hiyang ako…
Shopee Review by fhina36

Feeling good.
Lazada Review

Just started using..lets see after 30 days.
Lazada Review

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